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Established 2014

Trevor Baglin, MedScD, PhD
James Huntington, PhD

ApcinteX is focused on developing SerpinPC for the treatment of Hemophilia A (HA) and Hemophilia B (HB). Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder that is caused by a deficiency of thrombin generation upon vascular damage. SerpinPC, a biologic of the serpin family of proteins, is designed to allow more thrombin to be generated by inhibiting Activated Protein C (APC).

Our approach is to rebalance coagulation in hemophilia by decreasing a single anticoagulant force. We believe SerpinPC has the potential to treat all types of hemophilia regardless of severity or inhibitor status and may also prevent bleeding associated with other bleeding disorders. We have completed Phase 2a studies in HA and HB subjects and are preparing for registrational trials.

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