Established 2017

Jamie Coleman, PhD
Jonny Finlay, PhD

We are pioneering a platform technology to develop LB101, a PD-L1xCD47 LockBody® and LB201, a PD-L1xCD3 LockBody® for optimal targeting of solid tumors by the innate immune system. We aim to develop novel therapeutics based on our platform technology that is designed to selectively drive potent effector function activity, such as CD47 or CD3, while avoiding systemic toxicity.

The cell-killing mechanism of action, such as CD47 or CD3, is blocked by the tumor targeting domain, such as PD-L1, until the proprietary human IgG-derived hinges are naturally degraded in the tumor microenvironment, thus unlocking and activating the effector function activity in the tumor.

We seek to leverage our technology to generate lead compounds with novel mechanisms of action to address solid tumors, which previously have not been addressed by CD47 or CD3-targeting therapies and are resistant to current standard of care.

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