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Established 2019

Johannes Heuckmann, PhD
Jonas Lategahn, PhD
Daniel Rauh, PhD
Carsten Schultz-Fademrecht, PhD
Martin Sos, MD
Roman Thomas, MD
Lead-Discovery-Center GmbH

PearlRiver Bio aims to improve treatments for cancer patients by developing novel, precision medicines that target the tumors of patients with unmet medical need. PearlRiver Bio is developing small molecule kinase inhibitors, designed to inhibit difficult-to-treat epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations that are resistant to currently available therapies. Its proprietary scientific platform allows PearlRiver Bio to design potential best-in-class therapeutics that selectively target difficult-to-treat oncogenic kinases that are the mechanistic drivers of disease with the potential to bring safe and effective medicines to patients.

PearlRiver Bio’s lead program targeting exon 20 mutations aims for highly potent and selective, oral, exon 20 insertion mutation inhibitors that have a robust therapeutic window over wild type EGFR and optimal pharmacokinetics. PearlRiver Bio’s second program targeting C797S mutations aims to develop a potentially first-in-class EGFR inhibitor with an innovative mechanism of action to overcome osimertinib resistance. In addition to the exon 20 frontrunner and C797S development programs, PearlRiver Bio has built a proprietary platform technology intended to support the design of next generation EGFR inhibitors.

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