Who We Are

Centessa is a transformational pharmaceutical company.

At Centessa, we discover and develop medicines that are transformational for patients. We operate our clinical research with the conviction that each one of our programs has the potential to change the current treatment paradigm and establish a new standard of care. We aim to achieve this patient-centric mission with a focus on developing a portfolio of highly innovative assets, unconstrained by therapeutic area or technology.

Centessa’s core medical research operating principle is to make timely, unbiased decisions driven by data and biology. We focus on making the best decisions for each asset without constraints or bias stemming from the needs of other programs in the portfolio. We are confident this unencumbered, asset-centric philosophy has the potential to deliver significant value for all stakeholders.

Transformational Medicines


We seek to pursue the best assets in a capital efficient manner with focused development teams and data-driven decision making to rapidly progress our programs through development.


Through our approach, we strive to deliver medicines that can lead to significant impact for patients who are desperately in need of new treatments.

Transformational Medicines

Our programs span discovery-stage to late-stage development and cover a range of high-value indications in rare diseases and immuno-oncology.

Centessa’s unique culture reflects our commitment to these principles. We embrace simplicity, pragmatism, make hard decisions, work with a sense of urgency and expect extraordinary results. Centessa is a transformational pharmaceutical company.

We are leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs working together to redefine the way medicines are made.
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