Centessa aims to discover and develop medicines that are transformational for patients.

Our portfolio of innovative assets, combined with our data-driven decision-making and passionate team of scientists, provide multiple potential pathways to deliver value.

Our Approach

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Transformational Medicines

We are developing potential first-in-classbest-in-class medicines. Our programs span discovery-stage to late-stage development, covering a range of indications in rare diseases and immuno-oncology.

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We strive to deliver medicines that address high unmet need, establish potentially new standards of care, and improve outcomes for patients.

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We seek to pursue the best assets in a capital efficient manner with focused development teams and data-driven decision making to rapidly progress our programs through development.

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Centessa’s unique culture reflects our commitment to these principles. At our core, we are dedicated to innovation, pushing boundaries and fostering collaboration. Grounded in unwavering integrity, we embrace accountability for shared success, recognizing our responsibility to patients and other stakeholders alike.

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We are leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs working together to redefine the way medicines are developed.

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