David Grainger PhD

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. David Grainger, PhD, is Chief Innovation Officer of Centessa Pharmaceuticals. Most recently, David was a Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor at Medicxi, and he will continue in a consulting capacity. He was the Chairman and CEO of several of their portfolio companies and co-founder of The Foundation Institute for 21st Century Medicine. David has co-founded 28 biotechnology companies over the course of his career.

Previously, David was a Venture Partner with Index Ventures for four years. Before joining Index, he founded Funxional Therapeutics and the out-sourced drug developers Total Scientific and RxCelerate. In addition, he led an internationally recognized research group in Cambridge University’s Department of Medicine, where he published more than 80 first author papers in leading journals including NatureScience and Nature Medicine. David has written extensively on the subject of optimizing structures for pharmaceutical R&D at both and

David has over 150 patents and patent applications in his name and holds MA and PhD degrees in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

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